By: Brett Lawler

Determining the listing price of your home

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Determining the listing price of your home?
Recently I have been asked a lot about determining the listing price of a home. There has been a trend by some realtors to suggest a price, sight unseen, (usually high) to give people the impression that they are experts in the area that people live? Since there are many strategies to home pricing a few key points must be addressed first!
What are the market conditions specific to the type and location of your home?
What is the condition of your home?
What comparables are available or have recently sold? It is important to have a "Current" understanding of Market conditions!
How quickly does the home need to be sold?
What is your target market, and what marketing and budget will your realtor use to reach your target market ie. advertisement, staging, photos, virtual tour? Proper marketing should be the difference between selling your home at the bottom or the top of your homes price range!
What pricing strategies are available, and which strategy is best suited for your home and your selling needs?
What's most important is that you and your realtor should meet to go over all of the comparables, strategies and resources needed for your realtor to help YOU decide and be confident that you have chosen the right listing price for your home!