Choosing A Real Estate Agent
Now that you've decided to buy a property, you'll want to find a Real Estate agent that is right for your needs. Choosing the right REALTOR® to work with is an important first step that can be challenging, but understanding what a Top Real Estate Professional can do, will help make your decision easier.

There are so many home buyer resources available that most purchasers do not, for one reason or another, benefit from. An experienced Real Estate Agent who has access to resources, knows where to find them, and leverages them to assist and guide buyer clients can help to ensure you’ve made the best possible decision when you purchase a new home.
When you decide which agent to choose or whether to choose to work with a real estate agent at all, it is important to understand what a Top Real Estate agent does. Here are some of the many services that I will provide for you.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Brett

Exceptional Client Care
First and foremost, I am an Advocate for my client’s best interests, ensuring that you have assistance through every step of the buying and/or selling process. Everything from helping to locate the right property,(whether it is on one of the many websites available, or in the hidden market), to preparing your market analysis and screening properties, ensuring clients are fully informed and prepared when the ideal property is found. Providing you with exceptional service and follow up is one of my key distinguishing characteristics.
Providing exceptional client care ensures that you are fully informed and prepared with the knowledge, expertise and comfort of knowing that the choices you make are the right ones.
Timely Effective Communication
I work for you! It is my priority to listen carefully and understand your wants and needs, and to be able to effectively communicate information in a timely manner, throughout the buying process. Taking the time to explain things clearly if you do not understand, and having a clear vision of the outcome will help to achieve better results sooner than you expect!
Your Interests are My Priority
As your Real Estate Agent I will work with tenacity on your behalf to ensure your best interests are served. The Sellers agent works for the seller, and will not work as vigorously to safeguard your position at the negotiating table. This benefits you ensuring that whatever detail, big or small being negotiated, you are receiving the utmost consideration, optimizing your opportunity for a successful outcome.
Consistent Advanced Notification
I provide my clients with the newest listings as soon as they become available. Real estate professionals have advance access to the same listings that are available to the public on ( These listings are available via the local Real Estate Board in which realtors are members. This allows me to provide priority access to you before (, which can make the difference between getting your ideal home and not getting it. In addition, there are many listings in the hidden market that don’t make it to MLS®. Providing access to these and other opportunities are an integral part of my advance notification as well. This gives you the advantage of seeing the best properties early, providing an opportunity to prepare an offer, perhaps in advance of other offers.
Highly Skilled Negotiator
Once you are ready to make an offer you will require someone who is a highly skilled and experienced negotiator with a proven track record for success to ensure that you get the best possible outcome when dealing with the seller and their agent. Protecting your interests when we sit down to finalize an offer and guarding you from situations that may arise including structural problems or damage to the home, both visible and not, as well as getting the best possible price, are only a few of the factors that are consider when I represent clients.
Personalized Care-Available 24/7
Personalized Service that means you will never have to deal with someone else. When you decide to work with me, that’s who you get, me. It is important to have an Agent that is a full time professional that will personally handle all aspects of the buying process, when you need them. From follow up calls to complex negotiations, I will always be the one to handle your purchase.  Not a team member or an assistant. 100% Personalized Customer Service, so you can be confident it is being handled in a professional manner.
Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Trust
A cornerstone of any relationship between a buyer and his/her agent. It is required that a REALTOR® treat their clients with Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Trust as part of their ethical responsibilities. I believe that these 4 things are at the heart of what is the difference between a good and a great working relationship with clients. It is my goal not only to have great working relationship with clients, but relationships that will continue long after you've found your new home.
Follow Up and Feedback
Your satisfaction is most important in the buying process, it ensures that I will focus on you, and your Home buying goals. Providing you with timely follow up and feedback is an important part of moving the process along to its fulfilment. Ensuring that you are receiving the advanced information and getting feedback to confirm we are on track to locate the right home. Providing documents for your endorsement in a timely manner to ensure that deadlines are met and agreements are secured.
Legal Terms and Documentation
It is important that you understand everything that you may be entering into. I will provide you with a full explanation of all documentation, legal terms and conditions, so that you understand and are kept well informed. Complex clauses and missed conditions have the potential to put you at a disadvantage when negotiating terms. I will review them with you carefully to ensure that they are in your best interest.
Closing and Beyond
Once an agreement is done, a REALTOR® provides valuable assistance to ensure that offers are firm and closing will take place; provide tips for a smooth transition and deal with problems that may arise and affect closing. For some agents, once you move into your house, the relationship ends. For me, it is very important to know that my clients are happy in their new home and that their transition has been a smooth one. Whether that means, finding out the number to the new school in the area or following up to ensure that everything has gone well with your purchase. Whatever the reason, I am here to help make your move a happy memorable experience.

Whatever you decide, be informed! Choose an agent who listens well to you and your concerns, takes the time to clearly explain things in detail, and educate you about the process every step of the way. Whoever you choose will undoubtedly be representing you and your interests and it is important that you choose the agent that you will be comfortable doing that. Choose a Real Estate agent that will provide you with all of the resources available to you, to ensure that you have made the right choice when you buy your next property!